In the mail vol. 1

Look what I've got in the mail! It's a set of bath bombs from Mooka. I ordered it last week. Mooka's shop is in Montreal and I love to buy local. I took Avocado & Aloe, Plum Blossom & Silk, Mango, Oats, Milk & Honey and Raspberry Cream. They came in individual little bags. I was surprised by the size of the bombs. I thought that it would never melt and leave me with as small ball of good but as soon as I put it in the water it started dissolving in a fizzy effect like vinegar and baking soda, only it's smell much better than vinegar. I only tried Avocado & Aloe yet but the smell is really great and it leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. Especially good since winter damages my skin and makes my itchy all over.

Image and products belongs to Mooka

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