Cut off from the world

Since June 3rd, Canada Post was on strike. When they we're done, Canada Post chose to do a Lock Out. Since June 3rd, no mail has been delivered of shipped from or to Canada except Governmental checks like welfare or child support. Some will argue that it's  not that big a deal because we have e-mail now which mean that we can communicate or get our bills etc. But what about small enterprises or  little shops. Like Etsy Shops! Sellers from other country can't ship to Canada because their postal service do not delivery there until the strike is over because all the mail will come back to the sender. Canadian Etsians cannot sell their goods either because no postal service is available. Sure you can you purolator do ship internationally for the price of 15$..when Canada Post charges you 60 cents! It's annoys me very much. I can't even send my son's medical bills for the shots he got in June to my insurance compagny to be repaid. How cool is that ? Let's hope everything gets back in order soon because I have no sympathy for overpaid postal workers.

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