Ah Crap! (English post)

Today stinks. Literally. Baby is being treated for a urinary tract infection. 10 days of hardcore antibiotics and the doc wanted to send him to the hospital because he's not 6 months old yet and any type of infection can degenerate rapidly. In case you didn't know, antibiotics tend to mess up the intestinal tract. It has been 2 days since my kid took a dump. The longer it took, the more I became aware that I'd have to clean a big mess. It happened this morning.

I'm a big fan or Crappy Pictures. I find it hilarious and I'm pretty happy that those kind of thing don't happen to me, until today.

I open the diaper and it's everywhere. There's even poop over this crotch!
"Noooooooo! You're treated for an infection already!!"

The baby starts to kick and wriggle around and it smears on his ankles, tighs, legs, feet and there even poop on his belly. I'm trying to restrain his feet with one hand and clean with the other but it's slippery because of the ridiculous of amount of poop on this feet. He's still kicking and very happy to do so. There's crap all over the changing table and the chaging mat!
He's pedaling and there's poop on my arms and biceps, even on my shirt! I clean most of it and hold him at arm's length away from the intact bits of my shirt. I put a blanket on my bed and put the baby on it hoping there's no poop in his hands because he could have eaten some and I don't wanna deal with a gastro.

Everything's ready for the bath.. I open the faucet and the shower start. Water is pouring over my head because for the second time this week my husband didn't completely push to shower button so it's still on! "FUCK!" As I stand up water drips everywhere. I get the baby, put him in the bath against his will (and he lets me know) and wash all the crap. While I'm there better wash my arms too and get a clean T-shirt. He's clean, dry and dressed. I put him in his swing because I have a shitload (get it ?) of laundry to do. But now he wants to be fed because, hey, he crapped so much that his bowels and stomach are completely empty and he's hungry!

He's fed and is currently napping and I'm banging my head on the keyboard hoping to pass out so that I don't have to face the rest of the day, which is fucking awesome so far! wewejhwekwjjdjkhewdpj

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  1. Poop stories always make me laugh, but man this one sounds so frustrating. I've done the shower thing to my husband a couple times. Poor guy.

    Hope your little guy feels better soon.

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  3. Poop stories makes me laugh too when the happen to others haha. Little chicken is doing well, though. He's on his 6th day of medication so he feels fine :)