My teen tiny crappy kitchen

These days, I often daydream about a new kitchen. Mine is really gross. There is very little cupboards and no pantry. That's why we have to use the little space we have in the cupboards as a pantry. The cupboards under the sinks do not close all the way because they are old so they are always ajar. The drawers are old drawers. There's no rail for them to glide on so they grind into the wood and makes dust that goes inside the other drawer below.

There's pratically no counter space so once the coffe maker, food processor and microwave are set up there, there's no space to cook. We often cut our stuff or put dishes on top of the washing mashing wish happens to be just beside the fridge. Ridiculously old appartment have cheap set up. We could always buy a pantry but the rabbit cage takes all the remaining space. We're getting really annoyed by the rabbit situation but we don't have the heart to send her back to the SPCA, poor thing.

Free rabbit anyone ?

I guess I could always fix the kitchen myself, drawers cupboard and all but since we're renting and it's impossible to get something done by the stupid stubborn cheapsake landlord's wife (and she never returns our calls, never picks up the phone) we'll have to buck up until we buy our own place in a couple of years. Ugh.

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  1. Pourquoi vous ne déménagez pas dans un autre apart? Quand est-ce que ton bail se termine?

    Quand ça va être le temps, essaie de voir si y'a des aparts qui ont plus d'allure avant de re-signer. Ça coûte rien d'aller les visiter :)

  2. En juillet. C'est qu'on a pas les moyens de se payer un déménagement. 500$ pour le camion + déménageur et en plus 300$ d'installation pour le système d'alarme sans parler du câble, téléphone etc. En plus on adore le quartier. Dans quelques années on aimerait bien acheter dans le coin. Et puis les voisins sont endurable. C'est une première pour moi et j'ai tellement déménagé souvent.

  3. Dans ce cas, essaye de fouiller là-dedans, y'a peut-être quelque chose qui pourrait t'aider à chialer pour qu'elle répare ta cuisine :

    Si tu te ramasses avec plein de brin de scie dans ta bouffe et tes ustensiles, je trouve que c'est une excellente raison de les remplacer, et c'est à elle de le faire!

  4. I was in a old apartment for 4 years, and I understand the no space for anything deal. I used to have to do food prep on the kitchen table. It totally sucks. :( At least the rabbit eats things like carrot peels and such right?

  5. I had to give her away. I started to have allergies.